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The Balance in Your Internal Communications Plan


internal communications planThere has to be a balance between work life and personal life. Your internal communications plan should be a part of that.

Happy employees are more productive, but how do you get there? It can be hard to find the balance between work life and home life. I personally find that my home and work life overlap.

Some may think this is a challenge. I spent some time searching for a really good statistic citing the importance of separating work from home life schedules. After reading a few articles I realized something, it depends on the person. As a manager, you need to make evaluations/feedback a part of your internal communications plan.

It is important to know a little bit about each of your employees. Depending on your office that may feel impossible. If you are working with a huge employee base — first congrats — second this is why you have department managers in place. Once you have an internal communications plan in place use Ving to share your plan with your department managers. Know which of your employees need to keep their personal life completely separate and who can blend them together.


There are always those — like myself — that laugh a little louder than the rest. We bring our personal life with us wherever we go. We are the ones who usually take “social media breaks” mid day or the ones who are humming and playing music during the work day. This isn’t a bad thing. As a manager or CEO, you need to acknowledge that your employees have different personality types.

You will find that allowing social media into your internal communications plan will allow extroverts to be a little more productive. We are also the ones who may find it easier to work from pretty much anywhere. Some days I find that it is difficult to force creativity. I work from home, my desk at work, Starbucks, Dunkin, Panera, anywhere that has WiFi really. I work in the quiet. I work with the music blaring. You have employees just like me. You are probably thinking of a few as you read this.

The thing to remember is that the extroverts in your office may occasionally need to be refocused. Use your internal communications plan to allow for some freedom, but also plan for some focused time.


There are some introverts in your office. Those who are a little quieter and are less likely to give up their personal life moments up front. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk. Make sure to check on your quiet employees. Will they appreciate __? it? in the long run, that you took the time to ask them how they are doing. Your introverts are probably more focused during the 9 am - 5 pm core hours. Use your internal communications plan as a way for you (CEO) or your managers to know when it is okay to take one of their quiet, productive employees on a break. The extroverts in your office may just get up and take a break, however, some introverts may not reward themselves as frequently.

Not everyone is either an extrovert or an introvert. Many of your employees may fall somewhere in between. Make sure that there is a place for everyone in your internal communications plan. Ving is the perfect tool to share your internal communications plan with your managers. Ving allows you to be able to address your boisterous team members as well as the more reserved. More importantly, you will be able to personalize your messages. This coupled with periodic survey questions really gives you the opportunity to implement your internal communications plan. Give Ving a try today!

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