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Top 3 Tips For Effective Email Communication

Check out our effective email communication tips for business and a funny video about some common email problems.

We all want to get our message out in a way that communicates well and piques interest.

But in a short-attention-span world, such as the one we live in, what are the most effective ways to get your message across through email?

Effective email communication is something we all have to learn. As a business, effective email communication is vital if you're using this medium in your marketing or customer relations.

Here are 3 tips to effective email communication that every business owner needs to remember:

  1. Grab and Hold: In order to communicate effectively through email, you have to get your message out right away. Understand that a large majority of these emails will wind up in the trash can without even being looked over at all. If you're lucky enough to be on a customer's "safe list" and they do in fact read your emails, then you still need to grab their attention right away. Say who you are and what you're offering; you can get into the details once you've hooked them.
  2. Short and Sweet: Even people who love your product are only going to have so much time for your marketing. Effective email communication rule number two is to keep things short and sweet. Highlight the key points of your offer, and dangle it out there for your customers to either look into further or reject. Including a hyper-link to a more comprehensive explanation of your offer is, of course, always a good idea. But your hyper-link should connect to a unique destination, somewhere that your customers can pick up the conversation as it was happening in the email.
  3. Close and Open: Once you've locked them in with your hook and given your readers a short summation of what you are offering, then you need to close it up in an interesting and memorable way. Your closing needs to open the door for them to want to find out more about your offer, whether that means clicking your hyper-link, going to your website, or sending out a reply email.

Effective email communication is so vital that it must be part of any twenty-first century marketing program. If you are still sending out those bulk forwards or (gasp!) not BCC'ing your recipients, it's time to reevaluate your email marketing strategy and re-up your commitment to the digital age.

Understanding the problems with email

Check out this fun video from VingTV that reveals some mind-blowing facts about email. If you like the video, download the free eBook that gives helpful advice on how to overcome common email problems.

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