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via680 Infographic on the State of Email Communication

graphic about email communication

19297759_mCheck out our infographic on the problems with email communication that can be overcome through Ving.

We all know that there are challenges with standard email communications. The degree of this problem is staggering.

Everyday billions of messages are sent and half are misunderstood or ignored. But email is still the workhorse for sharing information.

We published a fun, informative infographic highlighting the problems with email communication that Ving is solving everyday with its video email technology.




Standard email is still the most-used tool for business communication, but email, despite its convenience, often causes more problems than it solves.

Standard email accelerates the exchange of information but not always the right type of information. It does not promote the positive social bonds to get things done and disconnects us from our recipients instead.

Business professionals deal with hundreds of emails each day. Although email offers us an efficient way to send communications to people without the need to coordinate schedules or set up meetings, standard email often encourages misunderstandings.

Standard email hasn’t changed much in the past twenty years, but now tools are available that improve the way we exchange information with each other. Ving is one of these tools.

Want some tips about how to improve email communication?

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