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Why Should I Buy Ving Safety Training For My Small Business?

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Your team might be small but with Ving Microburst Safety Training you can be mighty! You shouldn't have to wait until your company is a fortune 500 to have an exceptional safety program. You for sure don't want to wait till one serious employee injury wipes out your small business.


So the real question here, why should I buy Ving Microburst Safety Training for my small business? It boils down really to one main concept — customer success.


Now you might be using other tools that come with a customer support team. Those are the people who are helping you learn how to use the tool from a very technical level. If you have questions on how to reset your password, upload a video, etc — that is customer support.


With Ving, no matter what package you purchase, you get a Ving Success Manager.


What is a Ving Success Manager (VSM)?

A VSM is a member of the Ving team who is equipped with best practices and tips to help you set and meet the goals of your company.


How does it work?

Your VSM will walk you through two onboarding session and then after onboarding will reach out every four to six weeks. In those post onboarding emails/calls your VSM will give you personalized direction, tips, and more based on the goals you have set.


Depending on your package your VSM can even create, share, and pull your analytics for you! That is basically like having an assistant.


Even if your package doesn't include the extra assistance from a VSM they can still help you in a pinch. If you find yourself running late to work but you don't want your safety training to be delayed, call your VSM. They can send an invitation to a list for you.


So don't delay! Your small business needs a safety training tool that comes with someone who is experienced in safety training, goal setting, and best practices. Doesn't it sound like a relief to not have to think about what is trending in safety any more? We do it for you. You look like the cool safety director with none of the added work.


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