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Top 5 Trends Among Ving's Community Of Users — Big Positive Impacts From Changes Within Reach

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Instant gratification. Isn’t that what we expect these days? There is a certain standard of speed and accuracy that society has become accustomed to in most aspects of daily life.

Even fast food has gotten faster with order ahead - quick pick up services. Starbucks has jumped on board the fast train with their new online ordering system that allows customers to skip the lines by having their coffee ready at the pick up counter at a requested time. This mindset can be seen for Apple users with the implementation of “read receipts” and those three little dots when someone is typing you an iMessage. If anyone takes longer than ten minutes to respond to a text message without those little iMessage dots, we assume they’re ignoring us.

We constantly want to be in the know now!

This same expectation carries over to Ving. We want to know when someone has interacted with a digital packet, and how engaged they are with the information included. Therefore, it’s no surprise that my favorite part of real time analytics is that I’m never left waiting for data and feedback. We can make changes immediately and avoid catastrophic mistakes. For example, no one on the Ving team is left in the dark on vital information as long as we’re using Ving to share it.

track compliance training

There is a level of accountability when I share a Ving. As technology evolves, we should expect findings, facts, and data to keep up with the fast pace of our daily lives. Why send pertinent information through snail mail when we can send it digitally for a faster response time? Gaining insights into the way employees of your organization best consume information is no different than any other aspect of your life. You want valuable data and you want it now; and thanks to real time analytics you can have insightful data without the wait. Knowing how to engage employees is the first step to building your organization’s foundation of success. From there, you can provide optimized training and onboarding, while fixing issues internally before they can cause a setback.

“If you’re not building a strategy around having world-class analytics and insights to help run the business, you’re going to be irrelevant as the head of HR in three years.” - Bertrand Dussert, Vice President of HCM Transformation and Thoughts Leadership, Oracle

This valuable data provided to you as an HR leader helps you make informed business decisions when it matters most. Evidence based insight to develop solutions allows organizations to make changes and prepare for the future. However, all data isn’t created equal. Bad data is equivalent to a bad foundation for a house. Eventually the house will fall apart, as will your organization if you don’t begin with a strong, accurate foundation of data. If you are basing your decisions off of bad data, you won’t have positive outcomes. You must have the most accurate up-to-date data in order to make decisions and outperform other organizations.

HR’s responsibility continues to grow in this age of technology as the people making business decisions require greater access to the sea of data available. They must provide the organization with intelligence that optimizes decision-making. HR leaders gain insight into how the workforce is contributing to or limiting business goals and can then implement changes as needed. Real time analytics make monitoring cost and efficiency of HR programs and comparing performance metrics simple and streamlined.

Expect Success

Rethink HR with real time analytics and identify how they can help solve your worst HR nightmares!

  • Retaining your top talent can be challenging, but as long as your employees are engaged they aren’t at risk for leaving their jobs.

  • Gather data in real time to assess engagement levels and if they feel they are being compensated fairly for their efforts.

  • On-boarding and training programs are required to ensure that employees are equipped with the skills they need to perform their jobs.

  • Accountability is key. HR managers can’t afford to speculate if employees have read the information they’ve been sent or if they have gained a proper understanding of the key concepts.

  • The C-Suite needs to know if all employees are in compliance with corporate policies and procedures, and HR managers are the ones responsible for making sure this happens.

Real time analytics make all of this possible! All of the data you need is right at your fingertips immediately when you need it. It has never been easier to gain insights on employee engagement, retention, training and compliance.

Ving provides decision-makers HR analytics with a visually engaging, interactive dashboard from which they can easily prepare reports.

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