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How to Write a Professional Email: Things to Remember

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How to Write a Professional Email: Things to RememberLearning how to write a professional email sounds easy, but there is more to it than you think.

To start a fire, you need three things, paper, wood, and matches. The same goes for when you’re learning how to write a professional email. The three important things are the subject, the body, and a signature. These three key components make up the email but what about all of the in-betweens that people tend to put on the back burners?

Ever ask yourself “How can I compose an email that my recipient will read and get a response back right away of what I’m looking for?” The purpose is to get your email to stand out to your recipient from all the rest — having a great subject line, using simple English, and the correct font style will get you there!

Before throwing your email into the fire, check out these tips on how to write a professional email that you need to remember.

Never Have a Blank Subject Line

Never leave the subject line blank. How is your recipient supposed to know if your email is worth their time if there is nothing that directs the reader to a topic? That’s just letting it burn before it even reaches your recipient.

Email subjects are important because they make sorting much easier for the recipient based on priority. Another reason why the subject line is so important is because many filters interpret ‘no subject’ as spam and will block the email from your recipient, so your message won’t even be delivered.

Use simple English

Try not to come across as a legal document using technical terms for everything. People will notice that you are trying to sound professional. Write like you talk by being authentic and realistic — you will come off as more approachable by being yourself.

Font matters

Another tip on how to write a professional email is remember that font matters. Color, style, size, and layout are all important. Imagine opening an email where it looks like it’s on fire, the font color is red and the background color is orange — would you continue reading it or close it immediately and never look back?

Recommendations for the most professional fonts:

  • Times New Roman or Arial (avoid Comic Sans)
  • Black text
  • White background
  • 12 point font size

By using these recommendations, your email will look professional and will increase your chances of receiving the response back that you’re looking for!

Learning all of the “in-betweeners” on how to write a professional email will put your fire out. Continue to stand out from the rest by using Ving to send your next message. Really engage with your recipient by recording a video or an audio, or add an image or a survey. Sign up today for your FREE Ving account below!

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