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internal communications planFind the perfect internal communications plan for your remote employees.

Are you looking for a great, free way, to reward your employees? According to a recent study, the number one reason an employee leaves a job is because they do not receive recognition. A great way to reward your employees is to allow them a “remote day.”

More and more employees are working from home full time (remotely). To be able to allow your employees to work from home, you must first establish a bond… some level of trust. When having a full-time remote employee, or even just a remote day at your office, you need to be able to not worry that things will get done.

Check out this infographic below to find the perfect remote candidate.

Yah or Nah?

remote employees


Okay so all jokes aside. Your remote employees need to have a few key personality traits.


Your remote employees need to be very proactive. It can be easy to get distracted and procrastinate when working from home.


Your remote employees need to be good leaders. If your employees are working from home and a problem comes up, they need to be able to know how to handle it. A good leader can problem solve.


This is especially important for your internal communications plan. Your remote employees need to have excellent communication skills. If they are not able to communicate easily and clearly through chat, email, or video then they may not be the right candidate for at home. Like being proactive, it is easier to get distracted at home. Your at home employees need to be able to communicate no matter what is going on around them.

You can begin to start thinking about the perfect candidates for your “remote day.” Remember it is important to recognize your star employees. Make recognition a part of your internal communication plan no matter where your employees are located.

Ving is a great tool that we use to package a personal video with any files that need sharing. It is an easy and quick way to keep face to face with employees that may not be… face to face. You can sign up for your free trial below.

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