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You know all the value Ving adds to your communication but did you realize Ving is the perfect training solutions for your employees?

Your employees get short training that they can comprehend and put to use on the shop floor when they need it most. Include a video for your visual learners or a PDF for those who prefer to read text.

While they are consuming their training you can sit back and watch your analytics roll in and rest assured that your employees are safer.

It is important to watch out for a few things in your analytics.

Who has not completed the training.

Your Ving dashboard gives you a visual overall as well as recipient details on where each person is in their progress with their burst training. This will allow you to reach out to each employee with a custom message reminding them to complete their training.


Who has completed the vital components.

Your Ving may have one component that is vital to your employees safety. Sometimes this can be a video, survey, or checklist. Simply click on the component along the left (on your Ving dashboard) and then sort to figure out who has not completed that component. Again, here is where you can re-share the Ving with them and remind them to complete the training.

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