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The Basics About The Ving Safety Program


Whether you just signed up for Ving or you are right on the fence you are probably wondering more about how you will get started and what makes up the basics of our Ving Safety Program. Really it is pretty simple, onboarding, evaluate, and constantly improve. 


By now you know that built into the cost of our platform is a Ving Success Manager. This person is dedicated to your company and is there to help you succeed in not only building a safety platform but a safety culture as well. They will be providing you with best practices and tips to help you create the most epic, modern safety program. The first place you will meet them is for your onboarding. 



Onboarding is pretty simple. It consists of 2, 30 minute sessions. The first covers the basics of how to set up your account, create vings, and share vings. The second covers analytics and any questions you might have after sending your first Vings. 


VING SUCCESS TIP: One of the biggest tips I can ever give a client is just get started. People often get tripped up in just sending their first Ving. They often feel like they need to know what they are sharing for the entire year or they need to know the in's and out's of the entire program to share. You don't. Just simply introduce the tool to your employees and share them a Ving! 


This leads right into our next thing... evaluate. 



This might not seem like part of the basics of the Ving Safety Program but it is the most important step. Often we get so busy that we do not take the time to evaluate the safety program we are using and take action. You might find it easy to worry about if someone got the training, did it get lost in spam, etc. Let me reassure you that odds are someone sometime will have an email invite got to spam. At some point you will probably have a wrong email or a wrong phone number. Even without Ving I am sure someone missed a training class, didn't know where to find the training, or just opted to not do it. The best part of the modern safety program is that now you know. 


It is up to you to take just 10 minutes and look at your training. Who has not completed it? Go find them. Seriously! Get up from your chair with your list of people and go talk to them. See why they didn't do it. Did they not get it? Not think it was important? Didn't understand how to interact with the content? No matter what the situation is you can address it. Even if every month you only get to talk to 5 - 10 people that will be 5 - 10 people who will view the training every month and 5 - 10 people whose feedback you got on how to improve the training. 


Constantly Improve

Like I said above feedback can help you improve your training. Some people wait to start because they want their training to be perfect. It doesn't need to be. It should be quality training. Don't share your training if it is not ready — that is not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is don't wait to share it because you want to share a video but won't have time for another month. 


Share the training now, talk to your employees, adjust as you go. It is so so so important to listen to the needs of your employees. They might LOVE audio and if that is the case it would be a waste of your time to record video. They might LOVE video and if that is the case you don't have to worry about typing out a bunch of PDFs. Improving your content is simple if you just listen. 


So there you have it. Onboard. Evaluate. Improve. To do any of these things — no matter where you are at with Ving — you just need to get started. So log in and share a Ving today with your team.

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