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4 Fun Employee Engagement Activities Using Ving

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It’s easy enough to tell you that employee engagement can help your business’s productivity, safety culture, and overall performance, but maybe what you really need are some more concrete ideas to help you actually achieve more engagement in your workplace. After all, what good is the general approach if you have no idea how to implement it?


Here at Ving, we know a thing or two about employee engagement. That’s because our entire team is committed to maintaining a friendly, positive, and productive work environment. There are a few great options that we actually use in our office—along with some fun ideas that we may want to try soon—to keep our employees engaged and connected.


The cool thing about this list of ideas is that you can try them all out using the same tool: Ving, of course!


About Me Vings

How well do you know each of your employees? How well do they know one another? Creating an About Me Ving is a great way to get employees connected and engaged. This is really great for new employees too because they can introduce themselves to everyone using multimedia elements, and they can view the About Me Vings from the other employees when they start.


You can even create a Welcome Ving with a short video from management to introduce new employees to the work environment. Get creative!


Celebrate Successes

Use Ving to send out announcements of any kind, really. But a great way to get employees engaged, motivated, and excited is to send out a personal congratulations or job well done when there is a success in the workplace. Make a video or create a short voice recording to express your gratitude and acknowledge accomplishments so that your employees can see that you appreciate their hard work.


Internal Magazine/Newsletter

I know this sounds rather adventurous and a little time consuming, but it only has to be as elaborate as you make it. Invite your employees to submit information, announcements, and photos to be featured in your team’s periodical magazine. One really great thing about this is that you can control how extensive it is. Make it as short or long, fancy or simple as you want it.


How can you do this with Ving? The actual deliverable can be a Ving, meaning all of the elements that you compile (documents, images, videos, audio, text, and more) can be inserted into a Ving, arranged, and distributed to everyone electronically. You can even include interactive elements like polls and quizzes to get feedback or hold a contest! There are so many possibilities here, and you can truly make this your own.


Office Polls

You may not realize it, but employees appreciate when their input is considered. If you’re thinking about changing something in the office or trying a new idea, ask your employees how they feel about it by sending out a Ving. You can include a poll and/or a question set depending on what kind of feedback you’re looking for.


Our Ving team leaders like to provide healthy snacks for everyone in the office, and they can send out a quick questionnaire to gather feedback on which snacks are preferred. It’s a win-win—healthy snacks and office engagement!


Developing great employee engagement in your workplace may not happen overnight, but you can start trying out some engaging activities today and make a strong start toward change.


If you’ve been using Ving for your own employee engagement activities, let us know what they are! We’d love to share the great ideas you come up with using our tool.


If you’re not already using Ving, you can get started here. If you’re new to Ving and need some help learning how to create your own Vings, schedule a quick chat with one of our experts.




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