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5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Construction Site


Any site manager knows that things can quickly become chaotic when a construction site gets up and running. Construction sites are full of heavy equipment, tools, live wires, nails, glass, and workers moving through the area. On a busy site with a tight completion deadline, it may be tempting to skip best practices.


However, one big mistake could lead to injuries, damaged equipment, or even disability or liability claims. That’s why it’s so important for site managers to adhere to safety measures and take good care of their construction sites. Let’s take a look at five major mistakes to avoid on your construction site.


1. Not Wearing PPE

You’ve probably heard it all. “This will just take a moment.”  “My goggles keep fogging up.” “This vest is uncomfortable.” Workers will give you all sorts of reasons why they don’t need to wear their personal protective equipment. You know better. Ensure that every worker wears all appropriate PPE at all times to avoid injuries, including the following:

  • Helmets

  • Gloves

  • Goggles

  • Safety vests

  • Boots

  • Earmuffs or plugs


2. Skipping the Morning Briefing

If you’re under the gun and working with an experienced crew, you may be tempted to skip the morning briefing. This is a huge mistake. The daily briefing is your opportunity to make sure everyone knows what they’ll be doing for the day and — just as important — what other members of the crew will be doing. A clear, well-prepared morning briefing sets the course of the day and lowers the risk of miscommunications or confusion later on. Make this a morning habit your crew expects.



3. Not Checking All Tools

With all the use your tools get, they’ll tend to wear down faster than usual. A tool that has been improperly assembled or has a worn wire or dull blade can lead to injuries and damage your materials.

Though it may seem arduous, take the time to regularly inspect all your tools. Replace worn parts regularly and ensure that every tool is assembled and handled correctly. Tools that are well cared for will increase worker productivity and give you a better overall result.


4. Having a Disorganized Worksite

On a busy site, trash and debris tend to accumulate. This may seem normal, but a messy worksite is also a dangerous worksite. Workers can step on nails. Equipment may run over discarded boards. Someone may trip on a concrete block left where it doesn’t belong.

As the site manager, it is your responsibility to keep your construction site clean. That starts by training your crew to pick up after themselves and keeping a watchful eye on the construction site at all times. Continually cleaning a site might take a little extra time, but it’s well worth the added effort.


5. Not Storing Tools and Materials

It’s easy for tools and construction materials to get lost on a job site if you aren’t careful. This could lead to lengthy delays and missed deadlines. Tools and materials left out overnight could also be ripe for the picking by thieves.

Site managers should keep all tools and materials organized and in a central location so crewmembers know where they are. Train your team to return tools to the proper jobsite storage area when they are done using them and to immediately move materials to the right place when they arrive on site.

A good option for storing tools and materials is a mobile storage trailer that you can lock at night for added security. Construction jobsite trailers can help keep equipment and supplies safe and in an easy-to-locate space.


Safety and Organization Are Worth the Effort

Avoiding major mistakes on a construction site can save time, money, and possibly even lives. As you begin to implement construction site organization methods, you may receive pushback from your crew. These tasks may also initially slow down your work process. Push through this resistance. It won’t take long for these best practices to become a natural habit, especially if you continue to enforce them. In no time, these jobsite safety measures will be second nature to you and your crew.


Tom Lombardo is the Sr. Manager, Digital Customer Experience at Mobile Mini; the world’s leading provider of portable storage solutions committed to providing our customers with superior services and access to a high-quality and diverse fleet. For the past 15 years, Tom has been leading digital marketing and product development projects in both the construction and automotive industry.  



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