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5 Reasons You Need an Internal Business Communication Strategy


Every business needs a winning internal business communication strategy to succeed.

Our new infographic shows you five reasons why you need to make your internal communication more effective immediately.

5 reasons you need a winning internal communications strategy infographic


Automating your internal communications strategy

The most successful businesses have detailed, strategic plans and instructions for communicating internally with their staff.

Too many businesses, though, still rely on the old communication methods instead of embracing new, automated solutions to streamline their procedures.

For example, paper-based procedures still dominate many HR departments. Relying mostly on paper forms, memos, schedules, and lists often causes the following problems:

    • Reduced efficiency
    • Lowered productivity
    • Draining of resources
    • Prohibiting effective communication
    • Hindering information distribution

Another problem is the use of the traditional “hierarchy” model of internal communication, in which information trickles down from top management to front-line workers. Although this is typical of the way that many businesses disseminate important information, the hierarchy model is fraught with problems, such as:

  • Slow distribution
  • Misplaced data
  • Loss of information

Meeting the expectations of your employees

Because of so many technological advancements and 24/7 access to information, today’s employees now expect frequent and timely updates about changes in the workplace, all the necessary information to perform their jobs well, and meaningful rewards and appreciation for their efforts and input.

Believe it or not, just one strategy—improving internal communication with technology—will help your organization to:

  • increase efficiency,
  • boost productivity,
  • generate more profit,
  • save resources,
  • enhance communication,
  • and streamline information distribution!

5 steps to improving your internal communication

Because inefficient internal communication procedures have such a negative impact, it seems like it is time for businesses to follow a new recipe! Below are five steps that CEOs, executive managers, and HR professionals can use to solve their current internal communication problems with the help of technology:

  • Step 1: Use new electronic solutions to update inefficient paper-based procedures.
  • Step 2: Communicate thoroughly during change initiatives to minimize employee resistance and confusion.
  • Step 3: Align internal and external communication procedures to empower and engage employees.
  • Step 4: Strategize, measure, and evaluate internal communication practices to strengthen your brand and build a positive organizational culture.
  • Step 5: Provide meaningful benefits and opportunities to retain and reward your best talent.



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