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7 Qualities Of A Good Leader For Your Safety Culture


If you had to grade your safety culture, would you give it an A+? I’m willing to bet there’s room for improvement. Whether you’ve got an A or a D grade in your facility, you can always use a few more safety leaders steering things in the workplace.


Safety leadership is the backbone of any safety program or culture. Without strong leadership, there is nothing guiding the program to success. So how do you find good safety leaders within your team? Look for these 7 qualities of a good leader, and improve your company’s safety culture today.


1. Safety as a Personal Value

A safety leader doesn’t just follow the rules; they value safety personally and incorporate that into their practices. The best motivation comes from a person, not an organization.


2. Field Presence

Great leadership walks among the people. Whether your safety leaders are management or lower-level employees, they need to be present in the workplace in order to set a good example and influence others.


3. Alignment of Resources with Objectives

Having a positive attitude and a safety-oriented mindset is only part of what makes a great leader. It’s crucial that a team be supported with resources that are aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. By securing the proper resources, a strong safety leader can affect the success of the whole safety culture.


4. Accountability

In any leadership role, accountability is a key asset. Leaders need to take responsibility for themselves and those around them. Not every employee is willing to do this, and that’s part of what sets good leaders apart from the rest.


5. Communication

A leader cannot be effective without communication. Communicating with company leaders and fellow employees alike can impact workplace safety big time. This is necessary to keep everyone on the same page with expectations, goals, issues, and much more.


6. Being Proactive

Too often, safety becomes an afterthought—reactions only come when there is a problem. A true safety leader knows that proactivity is the best way to create a safer work environment and prevent injuries from the start. Someone has to take that first step, and a leader is going to be the one to do it.


7. Commitment to Learning

We don’t need to share some profound, philosophical quote to emphasize the importance of constant learning. Employees who are committed to personal and professional growth understand that there is always something new to be learned, no matter how many years they’ve spent on the job or in the classroom. Not only are great safety leaders eager to learn, they’re also eager to teach and grow with the whole team.


Does your team have a few employees who possess most or all of these traits? You should always be looking out for these qualities of a good leader within your team (and as you scout potential new hires). Companies and safety cultures grow and thrive when great leadership is recognized and given opportunities to spread their influence.


Help your safety culture achieve that A+ grade by taking advantage of those great leaders on your team today.



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