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9 Short Safety Lessons On Welding Operations

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Welders face many on-the-job hazards such as hot metal, intense light, and heavy equipment. This online safety training explains what the dangers and precautions are welders can take to control or eliminate the risks of personal injury and damage to property.


This course covers welding operations, precautions, personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilation, and other topics. In the section on precautions, viewers learn ways to reduce the risk of fire. These includes sweeping up debris in the work area; wetting down the floor or covering it with sand or fire resistant blankets if it’s made of ignitable material; removing ignitable materials within a 35” radius; and shielding or covering ignitable items that can’t be removed. Viewers also learn safe work practices such as making sure the welding machine is properly grounded, inspecting the handle for cracks, following policies for transporting, securing, and storing fuel cylinders, and many other practical ways to create and maintain a safer work environment.


Watch this online training course and learn how to protect yourself and others from the dangers of welding.


9 Short Safety Lessons On Welding Operations

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