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Be Proactive — Help Employees Dealing With Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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Substance abuse is a workplace hazard. Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug, and almost half of all workplace accidents are caused by people drinking on the job. Your employees need to know the dangers that are involved with drinking on the job.


We have 10 short lessons that will help your employees who are dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Even for those who are not dealing with these issues, it is a great way to be proactive and get ahead of the problem.


Employees who go through this training will learn the effects drugs have on someone. Marijuana, tranquilizers and alcohol are depressants which slow down brain activity. Stimulants like cocaine, crack and methamphetamine have an opposite effect as they speed up brain activity. Heroin and morphine are narcotic analgesics that numb the senses, and hallucinogens such as LSD alter the way the brain processes information.


Once an employee becomes a substance abuser their ability to function is impaired, they put themselves and their coworkers at risk. This course explains; how your company's drug and alcohol policy is in place to ensure the safety of the workplace, and emphasizes the importance of notifying management if you think a coworker is under the influence of drugs.


Teach your employees how to effectively respond to substance abuse problems in your workplace by watching these training videos.


10 Short Lessons On Dealing With Drug And Alcohol Abuse For Employees

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