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Top 5 Trends Among Ving's Community Of Users — Big Positive Impacts From Changes Within Reach

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Have you ever been told a long list of things to do? While they are telling you the list, you think, "perfect! I got it." Then you walk away and start doing the list. A few moments into doing the list, you forget some of the items. It is not your fault; this is very normal. Our brains can only hold so much information.


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Research shows that in just one hour, people forget 50% of the information given to them. That is quick! Now add in the stressors some people have in their lives, health issues, new babies, financial burdens, etc. The list could go on and on if your employees are experiencing extreme stress, then that number could go up even more. It is time you invest in your employees.


Today we are going to be breaking down exactly how does microburst training affect retention.


Microburst Training And How It Works

Microburst training is a longer form of training split into multiple small pieces of training. Instead of doing an hour-long training session, you might break that hour up into six ten-minute sessions.


Say goodbye to forgotten tasks, safety information, and more. With microburst training your employees are more likely to remember what they are learning and for longer.



Attention Spans Have Gone Down

The average attention span is decreasing. Videos are one of the most engaging mediums, and on average, they can only keep the attention span of an individual for 2.7 Minutes. Now imagine your employees in a classroom, watching a video or listening to someone speak. You not only have to pay for the speaker/video, but you probably have had to pull everyone off the job, pay for their gas, food, etc.


If you want to make the most of your money — old school classroom training is not the way.


Now that being said, classroom/hands-on-training has a place, but it is not for the traditional hour-long video, press play, walk away style learning. Lots of your employees probably learn best with hands-on training. Imagine if you put them through the microburst training and then spent 20 minutes covering any custom training in regards to the actual equipment you have. As well, you can cover any questions and do any hands-on training that might lend itself well now that everyone has the top, top of mind.



Investment In Personal Growth

Microburst training truly engages your employees without the mundane of typical safety training. These short bursts will make training more enjoyable and put the need and want for safety training back in the hands of the employee. If you allow your employees to feel as if they are not overwhelmed by training, you will slowly see a change in the culture at your company.


Ving microburst learning requires a slightly different mindset; however, we believe it will truly make all the difference. In the ving platform, you set the number of minutes you want someone to do training and then how often you would like them reminded about the training. So basically it comes down to just a few questions.


  1. How long do you want them to spend on training in one session?
  2. How many topics do you want them to get through in one month?


Everything else can be left up to the system! Seriously it is just that easy to put your employees in charge of their career growth and safety.


More Time For What Matters

When you are spending less time sending and reminding people about their training you can spend more time on what they care about.


Among a variety of things, employees want to be heard. This means listening to the feedback they give you and applying it. Add a custom question to the end of your training that asks an employee how you're doing. Was the training helpful? engaging? a good length? These are just a few examples of how you can start gathering feedback.


As well, with more time in your schedule, you can follow carefully with your analytics. Often we see people overloaded with analytics and no time to review them. Now you can take the time you spent nagging people to do their training and start following up and getting to the core of the issue.


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What if every week you were sending a reminder to people who had not viewed or completed the training and you had the wrong email?! It happens way more often than you might realize. Now you can get to the core and check in with your employees. Go meet them where they are. And if your company is up to it start an incentive program. Congratulate a random employee who has completed all their training.


So there you have it, how does microburst training affect retention? It improves it! If you are having retention issues try focusing on your safety culture. Working for someone who puts the effort in and cares about their employees will reward you in more ways than one.


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