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Ving Given Construction Tech Review Magazine's Safety Training Award


YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 / -- Ving received a distinguished Safety Training Award from the Construction Technology Review Magazine - the construction industry's leading resource for experts and decision-makers exploring solutions, products, services, and construction technology trends.

Launched in 2012, Ving is a unique combination of time-saving tech features and fresh modern training content resolving day-to-day challenges faced by safety managers seeking a better way to improve and sustain their safety, quality, and operations programs. The platform allows safety managers and supervisors to remotely and comprehensively help frontline workers stay up-to-date with safety, and operational compliance guidelines, paving the way to a safe work environment, higher productivity, and improved retention.

Ving continually distinguishes itself by its innovative approach to creating a compliant workforce in terms of safety, operations, quality, and customer contract. This is accomplished through combining innovative technology and training content, perfectly in sync with today's mobile worker and modern learning styles. The company has demonstrated its recurring value to customers in construction, manufacturing, and the trades, as evidenced by its 97% year-over-year customer renewal rating.

Ving was created in response to the concerns of numerous safety managers and supervisors who have more on their plate than just safety, and many of whom are also responsible for compliance with operations and inspections of equipment.

According to DeAscentis, CEO and Co-Founder of Ving, "when our team heard a safety manager talk about short employee attention spans and outdated content resulting in unfinished training, we created modern microburst training - today, there are over 1.5 million microbursts in action. Furthermore, when our team heard about challenges related to insufficient time to sustain compliance programs, we created features that aggregate and automate, freeing up countless hours in our user's day."

It is exactly because of the above innovation that Ving is preferred by safety managers, supervisors, administration, and Human Resources as they are able to delegate essential processes to experts without detracting from their own high value tasks. It is of the utmost importance that safety and compliance programmes are sustained, and this need prompted Ving to come up with innovative features to streamline safety and compliance processes so that company staff are able to focus on other essential business practices required for their success and survival.

Ving has expanded its capabilities to enable managers to do more of the job they are accountable for in one platform. This includes smart checklists for inspections that track noncompliance through resolution; capturing the skills of subject matter experts on their workforce before they retire; or quit and walk out the door with valuable knowledge that is much needed to train the next person.

Michael Rosario, the Managing Editor of Construction Tech Review Magazine, says “emphasizing the need to align with a culturally diverse workforce, Ving has made its courses available in multiple languages. It is aimed at helping every individual access the content in their native language and develop a better understanding of the tutorials. The company also regularly updates its content, enabling workers to stay current with emerging safety standards.”

The company’s robust training library includes courses required by the Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA), recommended courses by the National Safety Council and the National Association of Society Professionals, as well as state-aligned requirements for safety standards and sexual harassment prevention covering states ranging from California and Connecticut to New York. The platform allows its clients to combine OSHA-required training (available in multiple languages) with content they curate and upload, such as job-specific training relevant to the worker’s field and the task at hand.

According to DeAscentis, "the goal has always been to empower a workforce, ensuring they had the right information at the right time to get the job done safely and to standards the first time."

Safety managers assign the course via PinPoint Scheduling for exact day and time delivery, and Ving automates the rest. Workers receive notifications on their cell phones via text or email or at a location by scanning a QR code, calling their attention to critical job-related safety. Additionally, the platform delivers comprehensive online and offline training and trade certificate tracking. Dashboards that aggregate real-time data provide accountable parties with a birds-eye view of employee compliance statuses, enabling swift proactive action before someone gets hurt.

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