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Ving’s New Library Does All The Thinking For You With Robust Tracking



Ving! (aka via680, LLC) announces its latest software release to include a library of valuable content covering health and safety issues in both business and education. The library is planned to expand to cover a broad range of topics and include both original and user-generated content. Each template comes with the same innovative tracking of a regular information packet (known as a Ving) giving users the power to have all the data they need to make valuable decisions in their area of focus.

“The need for a tool that can measure how connected or engaged your employees, your students are with health and safety related content is critical,” said Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving.  “It isn’t enough just to send out pamphlets or links then guess if people got it, read it watched it or listened to it.”


For those of us that have a requirement and/or the need to track employee/student engagement Ving templates get the job done. Ving data tells professionals exactly how engaged/compliant people are with the information they share. Better yet we do all the thinking for you! User Cheri Metzinger couldn’t agree more.

Don't wait any longer! You can check out the new library here! 

"This is so cool. Instantly I am so excited because you guys have taken all the thinking out of creating a Ving. I am looking forward to seeing all the new categories you add to the template library."

The library is designed to deliver meaningful content that can be shared with minimal effort on the user's side. Ving plans to have more than 300 templates loaded into the library by end of Q1. Though health and safety are the beginning by the end of 2017 there will be a template for every professional.

About Ving:

Ving is the tool for people who need to know exactly how effective they are with the digital information they share. Ving’s real time recipient engagement tracking process presents users with valuable data-driven insights that lead them to their own best digital communication practices, translating into saving time and money across an organization.

Today Ving is creating successful professional communicators in both business and education fields.

Media Contact:

Tony DeAscentis




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