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Customers Validate Google Integration Decisions With A 2179% Explosion

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More than 20 5-star reviews have validated the customer excitement about Ving.

As seen on Global Newswire on 12/20/2016.

Youngstown Ohio -- (Dec 20,2016): Today, Ving! LLC, a SaaS that provides users with a way to share any type of information on any communication platform while getting real-time analytics, reports remarkable growth since an integration with Google Apps over 1-year ago. They have seen a 2179% growth in people invited to view Vings across the United States, and now Canada!

After the integration with Google, Ving has begun to see a growth that is attracting business value for professionals in sales, education, management, human resources, and even healthcare.

Ving CEO, Tony DeAscentis said, “Our vision of integrating with an industry leading application, like Google, centers around the user experience. We’ve created  a seamless process for our users to leverage the power and familiarity of the Google Apps platform along with Vings ability to drive best practices in digital communication.”  

Lee A. Richards, Public Awareness & Education Supervisor at Ohio Utilities Protection Services (OUPS) was done wasting time, “We communicate with more than 1,400 owners of utility companies across the state of Ohio.” Their membership audience needed a more consistent form of communication so Richards searched through their technology toolbox to see what options they had when they found Ving. Now they have increased engagement, saved time, and as a result dollars in their communication efforts.

Richards is not the only customer of Ving’s to see a ROI. More than 20 users have given Ving a 5-star review.

To continue this momentum Ving has a product roadmap filled with product updates that allow people to kick start their first days of their Ving account. On top of this Ving will be providing express onboarding packages allowing you to see a higher return on investment quicker.

About Ving:

Ving is the tool for people who need to know exactly how effective they are with the digital information they share. Ving’s real time recipient engagement tracking process presents users with valuable data driven insights that lead them to their own best digital communication practices, translating into saving time and money across an organization.

Today Ving is creating successful professional communicators in both business and education fields.

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