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Ving Announces New Product At Ohio Safety Congress & Expo

YOUNGSTOWN – Ving is set to attend and announce a new product, MICRO BURST QR Codes, at this years Ohio Safety Congress & Expo (OSC 2020). This expo is hosted by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).


OSC 2020 is the largest regional safety and health conference in the U.S. and will run March 11-13 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.


Ving is excited about bringing QR codes to the world of safety. Gone are the days of calling all your employees into a classroom and covering safety training once a month. Now employees can scan a QR code that is attached to the equipment they are about to use and be reassured that they are both knowledgable and safe during their work day.



The things you didn't know QR codes could do will shock you. These QR codes can house anything from equipment updates, new training, or even refreshers. 


Ving QR codes break all the limits of traditional training and put safety in the hands of the employees. Once you implement QR codes into your safety training and company policies Ving is confident that you will see a decrease in costs and an increase in engagement.


We asked Ving CEO, Tony DeAscentis, why QR Codes? DeAscentis says, " Ving QR codes directly address the safety manager's challenges. It's impossible to know what every employee is doing at any given time and which employee is about to find themselves in harms way. With Ving QR codes critical on the job information can be readily available on-demand. It's all about having the right information in the right place at exactly the right time to ensure safety and standard operating procedures are followed. " 


DeAscentis also says, "Ving QR codes can be used on equipment — scan it and retrieve full training, checklists, or updated procedures. On the back end Ving tracks who accessed which QR code, which makes reporting and safety analysis a snap."


Registration and course listings are available at


To schedule a call with Ving today to talk about QR codes click here.


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