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G2 Gives 6 Awards To Ving, Thanks To Customers

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"We owe these recognitions to our customers," says CEO and Co-Founder Tony DeAscentis. "It is all about listening; to our customers and the industry, then integrating the insights and expertise into our product roadmap in a way that addresses their needs and provides the exact right solution." This approach has resulted in Ving getting six awards from G2, a leading software review platform.


The 6 Winter 2022 Badges Ving received are: Best Support, Best Meets Requirements, Easiest To Use, Easiest To Do Business With, High Performer, Easiest Admin.


"It is an honor to be given these awards, especially knowing that rankings are solely based on customer experience, whether it be with the Ving Support Team or their day-to-day use of Ving Technology." CEO Tony DeAscentis. 


The G2 award process considers only current, validated reviews from Ving customers.  


G2 badges


About Ving

Ving is the solution to overcoming the risks and challenges of managing a decentralized, multi-shift workforce. Supporting company leadership in their quest to minimize or eliminate employee injury, rework, quality issues, days off work, and the associated financial impact.


The Ving platform makes it easy for company leadership to deliver consistent, relevant, timely microbursts of training/information across any preferred communication method just before an employee performs a task. Ving's dashboard and notification system keep those accountable for an employee's safety or job performance in the know, enabling them with data-driven insights that lead to proactive decisions.


Ving redefines, modernizes, and enables new performance levels with safety and compliance.


What Is G2?

G2 is a world leader in the software review industry. With more than 100,000 users and 1,555,800 authentic reviews being left, G2 is the trusted platform for reviews. To read what customers are saying about Ving for yourself, view our profile here.



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