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Ving Tech & Learning: Improve Communication Among Special Ed Teachers



Guy Middle School, located in Liberty, Ohio, serves 367 students in grades 4-8, and has 33 Individualized Education Program (IEP) students. Because IEPs are administered by the schools with oversight by state and federal governments, there are many required processes and procedures for sharing necessary program information with parents and students. Teachers must write up lengthy program descriptions individualized for each student, and ensure they are read and understood by the students and their parents. Additional federally-required documents that must be shared can be up to 80 pages in length; the combination of these materials result in items being sent multiple times per year – whether by email, certified through the US Postal Service, or hand delivered by teachers during parent conferences or by students taking them home. Regardless of the method of distribution, teachers had no way of tracking who read the information, much less who understood it, given the size and complexity.

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