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Ving Sees Accelerated Sales And Premium Account Holder Retention Rate

Ving, the communications engagement platform that enables organizations to increase productivity and accountability, today announced significant corporate momentum boasting a 93% retention rate among premium account holders. This is highlighted in the first six months of 2016 where there was a 74% increase of use from 2015 by top tier clients. Ving reported an 82% increase of new clients for the first six months of 2016 as compared to the same time frame the previous year.

Premium account holders, identified as ‘power users’, commented that the most important factor in using Ving is the unique ability to create, modify, reuse and re share trackable information over and over again. Two out of three active Ving users share that using the Ving platform has increased meaningful engagement and interaction with their recipients.


“Being able to include all relevant information, videos, and marketing collateral into one efficient digital package has led to much more productive sales calls with faculty at academic institutions,” Joseph Ashcroft, Business Development Associate, Sage Data Service, LLC.


In conjunction with Ving’s accelerated momentum and adoption, growth is further buoyed by its recently launched its relationship with the Google Partner program in Q2 this year and their commitment to Google Apps for Works and Google Classroom.


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