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What Exactly Is Ving Microburst Safety Training?


Microlearning is becoming a well-known term. Even just a few months ago microlearning was a term that our team only heard in our office. So much so that we sort of feel like we helped establish it's growth. According to the ever trusting Wikipedia, there were mentions of microlearning in the late 1990s. That being said let's just say that we are making microlearning fun.


For those who do not know microlearning is breaking down content into short bits to be delivered and taught to an audience.


So to keep it simple that is what we do here at Ving. We break down your online training classes that previously were an hour or two long into short five minute sections so they can be better understood and retained — ving microburst safety training.


Did you know that people forget more than 70% of what they learn in just 24 hours!? (source) Seriously!! You have to stop wasting your time and start making better use of your time.


How It Works

It really is this simple. All you do is load a microburst lesson into your library, click create, click share, put in the contacts, and invite.


That is it!!


The Ving Success team members will tell you exactly what to share and when you should share it in a safety topic calendar. These calendars are built based on a lot of research and other factors. They also take into consideration your organization and the goals you would like to accomplish.


Taking the workload off the bulk of the class training will allow you to focus more on things like employee wellness, engagement, and the hands-on parts of training. Spending all your focus on the training itself is a thing of the past. It is time we spend more time on the people doing the training. Your employees want to get home safe and sound and the more engaged they are at work the more likely that is to happen. 


Change of the way you think and do safety training today.


5 Easy Steps To Getting Started With The Ving Safety Program


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