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Ving CEO Speaks in Local Laws of Leadership Series


Tony DeAscentis uses his business experience to inspire others who are looking to improve their leadership through strong teamwork.


Ving CEO Tony DeAscentis was invited by the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber to speak at its 2018 Laws of Leadership series on October 17. The series is based around John Maxwell’s New York Times Best Seller, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, in which he discusses his ideas on team building and the success that accompanies a great foundation of teamwork.


Each guest speaker in this series is invited to tell a story about how one of Maxwell’s laws of teamwork has inspired them and made an impact in their life. DeAscentis chose number 13: The Law of Identity.


“Many times,” he said, “it is the identity that makes or breaks our desire to get to know a company—whether you’re going to work for them or become a customer of theirs.” According to DeAscentis, your corporate identity, for better or worse, is defined and advertised by your employees. Finding partners and employees alike that share your values and company culture will give you the identity that you need to thrive with a successful business.


Other speakers for the day’s event were Becky Wall, Vice President of Dearing Compressor & Pump Co., and Isaiah J. Rowe from Integrity Leadership & Development.



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