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Google Integration Drives Growth for Leading Communication Technology



Ving has been creating engaging, interactive business communication technology for 4 years. For us it has always been about and continues to be about making a great thing better.

On May 8, 2015 we did just that.

In just the first month we had more than 100 people using our Chrome extension! Every day more and more people are downloading our extension.

But why choose Google? Gadget geek and CEO Tony DeAscentis says, “The decision was easy, more than 60% of web surfers trust Google Chrome and so do we! Our overall all goal is for Ving to add exponential insights into daily communication for our users.”

The primary focus of this integration is to make Ving a part of the daily business communication technology world. For this to happen we knew this meant integration with a tool used by our users world wide — Google Apps. First we gave users the ability to sign on to their Ving account using their Google username and password. This created a single sign on that makes logging in a pinch. We quickly moved to give users an in-app access to their Google Contacts and Google Drive with no effort on the user's part — Ving does all the heavy lifting. With access to your drive files and contacts, creating and sending is easier than ever!




Our business communication technology is changing expectations of message tracking tools across the board. People want to know more than if something has opened your communication — they want their tools to tell them how they can better communication with an individual or group of people — we are making that happen.

“Ving is AWESOME! I use it every week to send out project updates to all of the members of our organization. It's so nice to be able to see who is opening the content as well as how much they're interacting with [the content]. Ving is so easy to use and our members love how it's so much more interactive than just a regular email.” Cheri Metzinger, Office Coordinator at America Makes.


“Whether you’re sending project updates or school assignments the feedback has been unanimous, Ving is the new go to tool. “Ving is a vital tool for me! Anytime that I need to send an important email message and make sure it's being read, I utilize Ving. With the dashboard tools in Ving, I can get real time feedback on who has viewed my message,” Todd Smith, Director of Technology at Boardman City Schools.

Discover what works for you and your contacts in your next communication today! Click here to download our Chrome extension.


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Our goal is to deliver dramatic insights that lead more effective and engaging digital communication styles that ultimately deliver awesome results! Through our engagement tool, Ving, business professionals and educators Create cool, engaging, colorful messages with video/audio/images/surveys/files of any size that track recipient views/progress. Learn more about us in our company profile.

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