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Ving Integrates W/ Google Classroom to Foster Collaborative Engagement



Ving announced today the integration of the company’s cloud­based engagement platform with Google Classroom to help teachers organize assignments and tailor customized instruction to meet students’ different needs. The combination of Ving with Google Classroom contributes to stronger teacher­student relationships and gives children, particularly those at risk, the appropriate tools to understand and complete step­by­step assignments.

The integration with Google Classroom makes it effortless for teachers to organize and share “digital information packets” instead of traditional assignments. These digital packets can include a variety of multimedia and supporting resources to deliver clearer, concise instruction, helping to overcome the challenges students face with typical assignments that may involve multiple steps and different locations to visit. Ving packets can contain audio, video, and other multimedia, as well as text, and can be delivered in multiple visual formats. As well, Vings are sharable and reusable between teachers for use in other classes, and results can be tracked over time.

“Ving is a game­changer in terms of what it enables me, as a teacher, to do to help students reach their goals and experience success,” said Chad Deangelo, science teacher and varsity swim coach at Boardman High School in Ohio. “Not only are students more engaged with the content I’m teaching, but they’re more engaged with me and I’m more engaged with them – which contributes to a much more motivating and fulfilling learning experience for them.”

Click here to download the full press release.


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