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Ving – The Content Management System Educators Have Been Waiting For



Ving is a powerful web-based content management tool for teachers who want to create interactive lessons with multimedia and assessment tools.  Suffice it to say, Ving is not your typical content management system due to its ability to track student progress and integrate with Google Drive and Classroom.

Ving and Google Classroom work perfectly together to create a powerful content and learning management system. Ving also solves an age-old problem educators have faced when utilizing a LMS (Learning Management System) or CMS (Content Management System) . . . the inability to track the time a student spent watching a video, reading a document or completing a quiz. Ving is unique because it tracks student progress as they work through your lesson content and provides useful analytics. 

Essentially, Ving is the perfect tool for blended or flipped learning for any learning environment. I recently utilized Ving in an actual classroom situation and here I share my impressions on the usefulness and usability of this tool.


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